Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide

Field Balm or Calamint: Calamintha nepeta

Weed Description: A perennial herb with showy flowers and a distinctive minty odor.  Primarily a weed of pastures, fields, and noncrop areas found from Maryland south to South Carolina and also in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, and Arkansas.
Leaves: Ovate in outline with the apex usually sharp-pointed (acute).   The lower leaf margins are toothed along both edges.  Lower leaves are to 1 inch long, the upper leaves become progressively smaller up the stem.  All leaves are arranged oppositely along the stem.

Stems:  Stout, branched, and hairy.

Flowers:  Individual flowers are about 4 mm long and light purple and/or white in color.

Identifying Characteristics:  The distinctive minty smell and showy flowers help to distinguish this plant from most other weeds.