Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide

Trumpetcreeper or Cow-itch: Campsis radicans

Weed Description:  Perennial woody vine with showy red-orange trumpet shaped flowers reaching 40 ft or more in length.
Roots:  Taproot and stems that root when they come in contact with the ground.
Seedlings:  Rarely occur.  Propagation is more commonly from root sprouts.

Leaves:  Opposite and composed of several similar leaflets also arranged oppositely from one another (pinnately compound).  A single leaf may contain 7-15 leaflets that are 1-3 inches long, 0.5-1.5 inches wide, and coarsely toothed.

Fruit:  A long, narrow capsule containing many winged seed.
Stems:  Become woody with age, and may be either trailing along the ground or climbing on other vegetation.  Stems root where they touch the ground and also produce aerial roots that aid in climbing.
Flowers:  Showy red-orange trumpet shaped flowers (2-3 inches long) are produced in terminal clusters.
Identifying Characteristics:   Opposite, pinnately compound leaves and showy red-orange flowers.