Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide

Annual or Daisy Fleabane: Erigeron annuus

erigeronannuus5-31.jpg (98351 bytes) Weed Description: A summer annual or sometimes biennial reaching 1 to 2 ft in height with prominent white and yellow flowers. Primarily a weed of abandoned fields or pastures, but occasionally associated with agronomic crops. Found throughout the southeastern United States.


Leaves:  Occur mostly at the stem base. Basal leaves are egg-shaped (ovate) or widest near the middle and tapering to both ends (lanceolate), 2-6 inches long, 1-3 inches wide, and have petioles. Upper leaves are long and narrow (linear) or slightly lanceolate, much smaller than the basal leaves and may occur on short petioles or lack petioles. All leaves are prominently toothed and sparingly hairy.
annflea7-30b.jpg (63711 bytes) Stems:  Solid with many soft hairs.
Flowers: Arranged in clusters forming a flat-topped inflorescence, with the outer flowers opening first (corymb). Outer ray flowers are white or less often light purple, 5-10 mm long, with an inner core of yellow disc flowers.
annflea7-30c.jpg (14204 bytes) Identifying Characteristics:   Solid stem, white flowers with a yellow center, ovate-lanceolate basal leaves, linear-lanceolate upper leaves.