Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide

White Avens: Geum canadense

whiteavens5-28.jpg (177209 bytes) Weed Description:  A perennial weed primarily of damp and shaded areas that occasionally occurs as a weed in lawns and turfgrass.  Found throughout the southeastern United States.

Leaves: Rosette leaves occur on long petioles and are highly variable in shape.  Leaves are usually distinctly lobed but may also be unlobed.   Stem leaves become progressively smaller and more unlobed up the stem.  Leaf margins have rounded teeth.  Leaves have distinct white veins on the upper surface and are slightly purple-tinged on the lower surface.

Stems:  May reach 20 inches in height and often have hairs that lie flat against the stem (appressed), especially near the base of the plant.

Flowers:  Occur on long flower stalks (pedicels) that arise from the position between the leaves and the stems (leaf axils).  Individual flowers ave 5 white petals.

Fruit:  An achene that is approximately 3 mm long with an additional beak that is from 4 to 6 mm long.

whiteavens5-28c.jpg (272660 bytes)
Identifying Characteristics:   Plants with a rosette growth habit, lobed leaves, distinct white veins on the upper leaf surfaces, and a purplish cast on the lower leaf surfaces.