Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide

Bigroot Morningglory: Ipomoea pandurata

bigroot4-30b.jpg (135291 bytes) Weed Description:  A perennial trailing or climbing vine from a large storage root that may reach 10 ft in length. Found throughout the eastern United States, north to Ontario, Canada.

Seedling:  The cotyledon attachment to the stem below the cotyledons (the hypocotyl) remains below ground.

Leaves:  Alternate, entire or with indented sides, heart-shaped, with or without hairs, 4 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and on long petioles.

Stems:   Trailing or climbing to 10 ft in length, with or without hairs.

Roots:  Large, tuber-like root.

bigroot8-9.jpg (43891 bytes) Flowers:  Produced on flower stalks (peduncles) in clusters of 1-5. Flowers are white with a lavender or purple center, 2-3 inches long.

Fruit:  A capsule containing 2-4 dull reddish brown seed that are densely hairy around the margin.

Identifying Characteristics:   Large tuber-like root and white flowers with lavender or purple center should distinguish this weed from other morningglories with white flowers.