Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide

Perennial Lupine: Lupinus perennis

Weed Description:  A perennial herb with distinctively divided leaves and attractive flowers that may reach 2 feet in height.  Perennial lupine and many other Lupinus species are usually very poisonous to livestock.  This plant is usually found in the woods or along the edges of woods.

Leaves:  Leaves are divided into 7 to 11 leaflets that arise from a central point (palmately divided).   Individual leaflets may reach 2 inches in length and 12 mm wide.

Flowers:  A long (8 inch) raceme with many blue or bluish-white flowers.

Fruit: A legume, 2 inches long by 10 mm wide.

Identifying Characteristics:  The palmately divided leaves of this plant make it easy to distinguish from most other plants found in similar locations.