Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide

White Flowered Mazus: Mazus japonicus

mazusjapon1.jpg (71555 bytes) Weed Description:  An annual from a basal rosette of leaves that are often confused with those of dandelion.   Primarily a weed of turfgrass, lawns, and landscapes.
Leaves:  Leaves develop in a basal rosette.  Leaves are broadest near the apex and taper to the base.  Leaves often have conspicuously serrated margins.  Leaves sometimes take on a purplish cast beneath. mazusjapon2.jpg (67536 bytes)
mazusjapon3.jpg (57788 bytes) Flowers: Several small, 2-lipped white and blue or light purple flowers occur along the flowering stem.
Identifying Characteristics:  A somewhat rare plant with leaves that develop in a basal rosette and 2-lipped white and blue or light purple flowers.  White flowered mazus may be confused with Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), however the margins of dandelion are deeply serrated and lobed unlike those of white flowered mazus. mazusjapon4.jpg (24776 bytes)