Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide

Bee-balm or Wild Bergamot: Monarda fistulosa

beebalm8-9.jpg (74100 bytes) Weed Description: A perennial with attractive pink to purplish flowers that may reach 4 feet in height.  Bee-balm or wild bergamot is most often viewed as a wildflower and actually sold as an ornamental.  However, this plant can occur as a weed in some pasture and rangeland environments.  Bee-balm or wild bergamot is found throughout the United States except in Florida and along the West coast.
Leaves:  Leaves are generally lanceolate in outline with slighted toothed (serrated) leaf margins.  Leaves may range from 1 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches in length.

Stems:  May reach as much as 4 feet in height.  Stems are often angled and contain hairs.

beebalm7-23.jpg (39830 bytes)
beebalm7-23b.jpg (49506 bytes) Flowers:  Usually pink to purplish in color with distinctive bracts beneath.

Fruit: An oblong mericarp.

Identifying Characteristics:  Perennial herbs with distinctive pink to purplish flowers (and aroma) and angled, pubescent stems. beebalm8-9b.jpg (63485 bytes)