Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide

Roughstalk Bluegrass: Poa trivialis

Weed Description:  A perennial bluegrass with stolons that may reach 1-3 feet in height.  These plants go dormant throughout the summer and carry out their life cycle during the winter months.  Found throughout the southeastern United States.
Stems: Covered with many small hairs, with brown to purple bands surrounding the nodes.

Leaves:  Folded in the bud and have the boat-shaped tip typical of most bluegrass species.  Leaf blades are 2-7 inches long, 2-5 mm wide, covered with many small hairs, with a relatively large (4-6 mm) membranous ligule.

Flowers:  The seedhead is a panicle very similar to other bluegrass turf species.

Roots:  Fibrous roots with a stoloniferous root system (aboveground creeping roots) that contributes significantly to the spread of this weed.
Identifying Characteristics: As an agronomic weed, this weed should be relatively easy to distinguish from other grasses.  The distinctive boat-shaped leaf tip, seedhead, growing season, and presence of stolons are all characteristics that help in the identification of this weed.