Weed Identification Guide

These pages are intended to aide in the identification of common weeds and weed seedlings found throughout Virginia and the Southeastern U.S. The weed pictures in this guide are arranged alphabetically by common name and may be viewed by clicking on one of the letters to the left. Please take some time to view a list of references used in the assembly of the botanical descriptions for weeds contained within this guide. Descriptions for all weeds are not complete at this point. However, additions are being made daily. Only pictures of the highest quality have been included in this guide, therefore each page may take some time to download.

Try our GRASS WEED IDENTIFICATION KEY.  By answering a series of questions about your unknown grass sample, this identification key will narrow down your choices and provide you with the identity of your unknown grass sample .

View and download our extension publications on the identification and control of perennial weeds in Virginia.

Try our new scientific name index.  This new option allows you to search all of the weeds in this guide alphabetically according to scientific name.

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Michael Flessner

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