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Extension / Outreach
  • Weed collection - Images of 41 common weeds
  • 3-D and Virtual Reality
    • Weeds: Dandelion, Virtual Agroecosystem
    • Bacteria: Gram-positive and Gram-negative cell walls, Agrobacterium
    • Nematodes: Root-knot
    • Viruses: TMV, luteovirus, geminivirus, aphid transmission of BYDVs
    • Serology: Detection of pathogens using DAS-ELISA
  • Management and epidemiology of Barley Yellow Dwarf Viruses
  • Weather and Degree-Days for IPM
    Virginia climate   | Virginia PET and PET-P | Station Graphs
    Virginia STATSGO maps
    Double-cropped corn in Virginia
    Presentations (barley yellow dwarf, degree-day calculator, double-cropped corn)
    Internet documents and sites