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Individual Stations
Graphs of x-year mean temperature minimum, maximum, and mean. Where x is the maximum number of years of available data from NCDC-CDO. This version is not normalized for a specific period of time. For example, most climate summaries use a normalized period of time such as 1971-2000, to calculate statistics. This is important since different periods of observation for stations leads to a distorted comparisons among station. A normalized climatology is desireable for many types of analysis. In all of the spatial data sets presented on this website, a normalized database was used (1971-2000). These graphs of individual station climatologies are intended to maximize the number of observations and do not represent a 30-year climatology. 


Growing season in Virginia

Maps were produced for mean annual growing degree-days (base 50) and mean frost free period in Virginia using PRISM climate data (1971-2000). 

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These observations are normalized for the period of 1971-2001 and based on the PRISM spatial climate grids and the Thornthwaite method for calculating evapotranspiration. 


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