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Peter Sforza
Dept. of Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
Virginia Tech

NCDC-CDO data was processed for all available stations in Virginia. A visual basic program was used for the initial processing (input as raw NCDC-CDO; output as CSV files for tmin, tmax, prcp for each station). Next, the program uses the station-element files to calculate climate statistics of mean, variance, first standard deviation, and second standard deviation for Tmax, Tmin, Tmean, Trange, Prcp for the maximum period of 1891-2002. In this version, all missing data were ignored. A separate Excel macro was developed for graphing and labeling. Each graph is labeled with the number of years included in the calculation (actually based on value for day 01).

The visual basic program and associate Excel macro process any NCDC-CDO daily surface observations for the elements TMIN, TMAX, and PRCP. For NCDC-CDO, use Output via FTP with the following CDO options: CSV data file, with no station names, no data flags. The program then uses the NCDC station list that is included with the downloaded data to control the main program loop through all stations in the specific download.

Current limitations:
-ignores missing data (represented by '-99999' value in NCDC data (estimation methods are being evaluated)
-includes all data available between 1891 and 2002

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Below are thumbnail images for Virginia weather stations from 'F' to 'L' as an example. Click on the thimbnails to view a larger PNG image. Graphs for precipitation and pentads are currently not available on this page.

Station Name X-year mean daily temperature X-year mean daily temperature
 maximum and temperature minimum
X-year mean daily temperature range
Falls Church, VA
Farmville, VA
Floyd, VA
Fort Lee, VA
Fredericksburg, VA
Galax, VA
Gathright Dam, VA
Glen Lyn, VA


Gordonsville, VA
Grundy, VA
Halifax, VA
Hog Island, VA
Holland, VA
Hopewell, VA
Hot Springs, VA
John Kerr Dam, VA
Kenbridge, VA
Kilmarnock, VA
Langley, VA
Lawrenceville, VA
Lebanon, VA
Lexington, VA
Lincoln, VA
Louisa, VA
Luray, VA

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Dept.of Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
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